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Thomas Adams
Thomas Adams


Newville, AL

Alfa Member Since:

Current Office or Board:
President of Henry County Farmers Federation

About My Farm:
I farm in partnership with my father. We currently farm 640 acres of peanuts, 1060 acres of cotton, and 250 acres of hay-pasture land, which we run a 100 head cow/calf operation on. We were growing 150 acres of vegetables, but with current commodity prices and labor issues, we decided to discontinue that part of our operation.

What I Like About Agriculture:
I like agriculture because I don't have to punch a time clock, even though if I punched a time clock I would not work as many hours as I have to now! I love working outside, I also love the fact that my job changes with the seasons. There is never a monotonous day!

The Biggest Challenge Facing Agriculture:
Profitability is the biggest challenge in agriculture. Every problem we face may not be solved with higher profits but could be easier to overcome. Droughts, floods, storms, high input costs, younger people not returning to the farm, land availability, labor issues, etc. I could go on and on, but I feel if we could make higher profits, a lot of these issues could be overcome.

I'm Proud Of...
I feel it a blessing to have been raised on a farm, and I am proud that God has enabled me to raise my family on a farm.

About My Family and Faith:
My wife, Farrah, and I have been married 16 years this month. We were introduced by a mutual friend who attended church with Farrah and went to school with me. We have two children - Elizabeth, 15 and Emery, 9.

We attend the First Baptist Church in Headland and have served on the video committee for 11 years.

A Good/Bad Day Is...
A good day is any day I get to spend with my family and that I am not concerned about the weather.

A bad day is when I work as hard as I can and don't seem to accomplish anything.

You May Not Know This About Me:
I am a tinkerer - I am always looking at a piece of equipment and thinking what can make it better. I enjoy reworking something to make it better; however, I despise welding on equipment that was fatigued, broken and needs fixing to get it back operational.

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