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Hale County Farmers Federation President Joe Wilkerson said he's been farming "ever since I was old enough to tote a feed bucket."

-- Photo by Tommy Martin

Joe Wilkerson



Alfa Member Since:

Current Office or Board:
President, Hale County Farmers Federation

Previous Office(s) or Board:
Previously served as secretary of the Hale County Farmers Federation.

Other Activities:
Director of the Hale County Cattlemen's Association

My Farm:
"I've been farming ever since I was big enough to tote a feed bucket," said Wilkerson, adding that he partnered with his father in the business in 1976, and took over the family's beef cattle operation in 1986 when his Dad passed away. Today, he has about 50 head of Angus and semi-Angus beef cattle, and sells a few bulls.

What I Like About Agriculture:
"I like being able to work outside, and the challenge to produce a better calf crop than the previous year," he said.

The Biggest Challenge Facing Agriculture:
"The biggest challenge we face is government intrusion through regulations," said Wilkerson. "It's making the future of farming uncertain, and discourages many of our young people who we need in farming."

I'm Proud Of:
"Being raised by parents (Allen and Elizabeth Wilkerson) who taught me right from wrong, and how to treat others," said Wilkerson. "They gave me a basis for my life. Mama and Daddy showed me -- and taught me through their example -- how you are supposed to live your life, and expected me to follow through. It has served me all throughout my life."

"I also proud of the Farmers Federation," he added. "At the state level, I really like the programs for Young Farmers. On a local level, I'm proud of the board at the Hale County Farmers Federation for setting up scholarships for students who are going into agriculture. We have a shortage of young people in farming, and anything that we can do to promote the young farmers, I support. ... I didn't get involved in the Federation until I was too old for the Young Farmers program, and when I look at what all they have available, I wish I had been involved back then.

A Good Day Is ...
"When there are no breakdowns," he said with a laugh. "Really, a good day is any day you are able to wake up and get out of bed."

A Bad Day Is...
"A bad day is when you wake up during calving season and it's one of those zero temperature days and it's raining," he said, jokingly. "I don't have too many bad days -- they're pretty rare. If you've got your health, it's a good day."

You May Not Know ...
"I'm afraid I live a pretty dull life -- it's farming and work," said Wilkerson. "Anybody who knows me knows that's about all I do."

-- Compiled by Darryal Ray

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