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Constitutional Convention
The Alabama Constitution has established the fundamental principles and outlined the powers and duties of our state's political entities. The Federation believes that any revisions implemented to the state of Alabama's Constitution should be done on an article-by-article basis.

Key Messages:
  • We oppose any type of constitutional change by convention.
  • Current law provides for revision of the constitution by the legislature, which is accountable to the voters. There would be no such accountability for convention delegates, and few working residents would be able to invest the time needed to serve as a delegate.
  • A convention would be extraordinarily costly to the state, which is already strapped for cash.
  • Proponents of a constitutional convention have indicated a desire to use a convention to change property tax laws, raise taxes and expand home rule.
Adopted in 1901, currently there are two ways of revising the Constitution of Alabama: (1) The legislature must pass a bill calling for a constitutional convention. Elected delegates would rewrite the Constitution. The Constitution must then be ratified by a majority vote of the people. (2) The most accepted and most used method is by the introduction of a bill in the Legislature. Upon approval of a 3/5 vote of both Houses, the amendment is submitted to the people for adoption by a majority vote.

Correlating Issues:
  • The majority of the document's length comes from its 827 amendments; 70 percent of those amendments cover one county.
  • The recent recompilation provides a more easily-followed arrangement of amendments in alphabetical order by county.

Click here to download a PDF version of this Issue Card.

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