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Sales Tax Exemptions -- Feed and Seed for Wildlife
Farmers rely on exemptions provided for feed, seed, fertilizer, grain storage and hardware for their livelihood. Feed, seed and fertilizer are the raw materials used in production of a product that will ultimately be taxed. Therefore, these raw materials should be excluded from taxes, much like the steel used in manufacturing vehicles is excluded.

Key Messages:
  • We support exemptions from the sales and use tax on all items used in conjunction with agricultural production.
  • We oppose any additional tax on any farm commodity.
  • We recognize the use of feed, seed, and fertilizer for conservation and wildlife as a legitimate agricultural use and therefore subject to normal agricultural sales tax exemptions.
It is common for prices of fertilizer, fuel and other agricultural inputs to fluctuate anywhere from 25 percent to several hundred percent over the period of a few years; and on a limited income, those variations can be devastating.

Correlating Issues:
  • We support sales tax exemptions for electricity used for agriculture production just like natural gas and liquid petroleum.
  • We oppose the excise tax on farm tractor and implement tires.
  • We recommend the exclusion of agricultural aircraft fuel from the federal airport and airway tax.
  • There should be no user fees on agricultural and general aviation aircraft.

Click here to download a PDF version of this Issue Card.

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