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Mini Trucks
A registration system should be devised so that mini trucks may be allowed on public roads in Alabama. These vehicles achieve between 30 and 50 mpg and are utilized by countless farmers throughout the state of Alabama. Some states allow these vehicles to be registered and tagged for use on county and state roads within short distances of the farm base. Most mini trucks are already equipped with seatbelts; head, tail and brake lights; and turn signals.

Key Messages:
  • We support legislation that provides for a restricted license plate for mini trucks to operate on all roads, with the exception of the Interstate System.
  • The Alabama Departments of Revenue and Public Safety agree to this legislation.
  • The proposed legislation provides that mini trucks will be registered in the same way as private passenger automobiles.
  • A certificate of title would not be required by the Department of Revenue.
  • Speed governors would be required for mini trucks on the road to prevent them from going more than 25 mph.
  • Certain safety equipment and federal safety standards would be required to be met for use on roads.
The number of mini trucks on Alabama farms continues to rise. They serve as a convenient and cost-effective way for farmers to accomplish the same jobs as they do with larger pickup trucks. However, their use is currently limited on the roads around their farms because they cannot be tagged.

Correlating Issues:
It should be noted that farmowner policies for Alfa would exclude coverage for mini trucks once they are tagged. Once they are tagged, an auto policy would need to be purchased rather than insuring them as machinery on a farm policy.

Click here to download a PDF version of this Issue Card.

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