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Implements of Husbandry
As defined in the Code of Alabama (Section 32-1-1.1), an implement of husbandry is "Every vehicle designed and adapted exclusively for agricultural, horticultural or livestock raising operations or for lifting or carrying an implement of husbandry and in either case not subject to registration if used upon the highways." There are two main issues that have arisen from how an "implement of husbandry" is defined. One deals with what should be considered an "implement of husbandry" and the other deals with the tagging and registration of these vehicles.

Key Messages:
  • We support legislation that would clarify the definition of an "implement of husbandry" to include farm vehicles such as fertilizer/chicken litter spreader trucks, water trucks, TerraGator applicators and bulldozers.
  • We support a permanent tag classification system for single-use farm vehicles operated seasonally. The vehicle would be registered once and the license tax would be one flat fee.
  • Classification of these types of farm vehicles as implements of husbandry would prevent them from having to comply with the same requirements as other vehicles.
  • Defining these vehicles as implements of husbandry could exempt them from width, height, and length requirements in addition to exemptions for weight requirements already given.
Farmers use the vehicles in question with discretion and not to transport passengers, run errands, or attend events away from the farm. Nonetheless, these vehicles are not regarded as implements of husbandry by the state of Alabama. In the case of a bulldozer, it cannot be classified as an "implement of husbandry" because it can be utilized for other uses besides those that take place solely on a farm. Since some farm vehicles are used on a limited basis and for just a short period of time during the year, a permanent tag for these types of vehicles would prevent annual renewal and reduce the cost. Implements of husbandry must be used exclusively in agriculture and by the farmer for his or her farm.

Click here to download a PDF version of this Issue Card.

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