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December 15, 2003   Email to Friend 

Benefit Helps Members Protect Property Rights
Jeff Helms

Alabama Farmers Federation members now have access to high-quality legal advice at an affordable rate, thanks to a new partnership with LandGuard.

"Protecting private property rights is one of the highest priorities of the Alabama Farmers Federation, and this partnership with LandGuard is a great start in accomplishing that protection for our members," said Federation President Jerry Newby. "LandGuard will provide you with the legal tools to help protect your property and your future."

The LandGuard legal plan was developed by the American Land Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of private property rights. Federation members who enroll in the plan may consult LandGuard attorneys at no charge about any legal matter related to property rights issues. A LandGuard attorney will evaluate each situation, review documents and, if necessary, respond on behalf of the landowner.

Should a participating Federation member require litigation representation or help with a local or state issue, a LandGuard attorney will represent him at a 25 percent discounted rate. Federation members who enroll in the plan also may receive advice on personal legal matters related to family law, estate planning, immigration, housing and real estate.

"I was a rural banker for 30 years, I've been a farm and ranch real estate broker for four and a landowner all my life, and LandGuard is absolutely one of the best ways I've ever seen for a rural landowner to protect their private property rights," said American Land Foundation Chairman Mike Dail.

"Since the mid-1970s, federal environmental laws have trampled the rights of private landowners. Protecting your property rights is extremely costly and time consuming and at the end of the day, you either have nothing in the bank or have lost your land," Dail added. "The American Land Foundation has been fighting over 10 years for private property rights. It created LandGuard as a way for landowners to stand up to city hall, the federal government or individuals who wish to control your land or diminish its value."

Federation members may enroll in the plan for $12 per month or $144 per year. LandGuard accepts monthly payments by check, bank draft or credit card and annual payments by check. The prepaid legal plan gives members the security of knowing they can protect their investment and defend their rights, no matter what the circumstances. By giving members preventative legal advice at the onset of a legal issue, LandGuard often can resolve an issue before it goes to court or help members avoid it all together.

"The people who are going to threaten your property rights know the rules by heart--in many cases they even make up the rules and have highly trained and experienced lawyers to back them up," said Randy Givens, a retired U.S. Army colonel and LandGuard member from Paige, Texas. "You cannot afford to go it alone when facing them, especially when you have premier property rights attorneys available to you through LandGuard. I encourage all landowners to level the playing field and give yourself a fighting chance by putting LandGuard attorneys on your team."

Paul M. Terrill of Austin, Texas is one of the attorneys in the LandGuard Provider Network. "LandGuard is an idea whose time has come," said Terrill. "As a property rights attorney, I see the growing myriad of threats that landowners face from governmental regulators, environmental groups and the like. LandGuard helps landowners face those threats with an experienced property rights attorney at their side."

For more information about LandGuard, call 1-888-346-7237 or visit www.landguard.org. A complete list of Alabama Farmers Federation member benefits is available online at www.alfafarmers.org.

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