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August 15, 2006   Email to Friend 

New Facility Keeps Alfa Prepared For Disaster

From left, Lee Ellis, Executive Vice President of Operations, cuts the ribbon along with Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright and Alfa President and CEO Jerry A. Newby.
Alfa Insurance's new Business Processing Center is now open, and ready for .. . well, almost anything -- even a Category 5 hurricane or an F-3 tornado. But then, that's the kind of security Alfa had in mind 18 months ago when it began construction on the 130,000-square-foot facility to protect the company's most vital processing departments.

Adjacent to the Home Office building in Montgomery, the BPC houses about 90 employees and such departments as voice communications, remittance processing, mail operations, content management, technical services, data center operations and IT training.

Built partially underground with 14-foot steel-reinforced walls and windows that can sustain 130-mph impacts from flying objects, the BPC is an impressive sight. From the outside, it looks like a normal building, but new security features, design and technology distinguish it from the original Home Office building.

Three diesel, V-16 generators with fuel capacity of 20,000 gallons offer the BPC power for up to five days without refueling. If the power is out for more than 10 seconds, two of the generators start up. If power lines were cut, special voice and data service technology by BellSouth would allow these services to continue in the building.

"The deeper you go in the building, the more secure it becomes," said Vice President of Systems Delivery Services Walter Overby. "From fire safety to security, the Business Processing Center is a very secure facility."

The Business Processing Center is just one more way Alfa continues to prepare for the unexpected, while allowing agents to give customers the service they deserve and expect.

"The Business Processing Center strengthens Alfa's ability to provide the highest level of service, whether it is regional or a localized event," said Vice President of Facilities Mark Campbell. "We have planned internally and partnered with companies to reduce each possible risk that could potentially affect our operations. This operation is designed to keep information flowing at all times, regardless of the type of event that could affect us."

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