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December 12, 2006   Email to Friend 

Alfa's Mobile Response Unit Ready To Help When Needed
Marc Pearson

New mobile response units will allow Alfa to operate in a disaster zone when needed.
Alfa continues to improve its service to policyholders with the addition of two mobile response units ready to respond to a disaster at a moment's notice.

Both units were added this year to the expanding set of tools ready to help policyholders in the event of a disaster. The company also recently completed the construction of a 134,000-square-foot storm-proof Business Recovery Center, located at the home office in Montgomery.

The two self-contained, 38-foot-long buses are mobile centers, which can relocate to a disaster and be a fully functional Alfa office, even while power and communications may be completely out in the impacted area.

Using the latest satellite technology, the units can connect to Alfa's computer network and are equipped with cellular or land line connectivity.

This can help to quickly access important policy information needed to help Alfa customers. With the possibility of critical infrastructure being down after a major disaster, it is important to have such a self-sufficient mobile office ready to respond quickly for policyholders.

"What we have is a fully sustainable Alfa office that can move and operate in a disaster zone when needed," said Carol Golsan, senior vice president of Alfa Marketing Services. "We hope we never have to use these in a disaster scenario, but if the call comes we will be ready to respond to help our policyholders as quickly as we can."

Each mobile response unit can connect up to 16 computer work stations (10 inside and six outside). Each work station provides direct links to a variety of communications to transmit voice and data to and from the Alfa home office computer network.

When not dispatched to disaster scenes, the mobile response units are used for additional company training and public relations. During 2006, they have made trips to Auburn, Alabama and Georgia football games where the public has been able to see firsthand how Alfa prepares in advance to help policyholders.

If you see one at an event in your town, be sure to stop in and see how Alfa is working hard to offer the best service possible to our customers.

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