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June 11, 2009   Email to Friend 

Darryal Ray
(334) 613-4187
June 11, 2009

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- On the heels of a three-year drought that left pastures almost barren and barns empty, the Alabama Farmers Federation's Hay and Forage Division today launched a new Web site designed to connect buyers and sellers year round.

AlabamaHayBarn.com offers a variety of features that will allow hay producers to market their hay, including detailed listings that feature descriptions of the type, location, size, storage and price. Producer/sellers can also provide forage analysis information if desired.

Alabama Farmers Federation members, who include their membership number on the online listing form or the downloadable PDF, pay only 30 cents per round bale and .025 cents per square bale advertised. Non-members must pay an additional $30, good for the fiscal year that begins July 1 and ends on June 30.

"Over the last few drought-stricken years, we have received many, many requests to list hay or to find hay for producers throughout the state and Southeast," said Perry Mobley, director of the Federation's Hay and Forage Division. "That situation served as a catalyst in the development of AlabamaHayBarn.com, which is an effort to efficiently connect buyers and sellers of hay in Alabama. Our hope is that, within a year or so, this will be a completely free member benefit to our producer-members. Currently, there is a substantial cost saving for members who choose to advertise on the site over non-members."

The online "Get Listed" form features several pull-down menus, making listings easy to navigate. Users simply select round or square bale, storage (outside uncovered, outside tarp-covered or inside barn) and hay type (warm season or cool season with extensive listings of each). The contact information fields offer a place for email and home and mobile phones. There are even large fields for inserting delivery information and comments.

The site also includes an email alert feature to notify buyers whenever new listings become available. Hay listed on the site for more than 90 days with no notice of sale will be removed to keep the site current and accurate. If hay has not been sold in 90 days from the listing date, and the producer wants it to remain on the site, they can notify the site administrators.

As hosting agents for the advertising of hay, the Alabama Farmers Federation and AlabamaHayBarn.com make no claims as to the quality or quantity of hay listed nor are they responsible for any claims made by those advertising. Hay is represented only by producer(s) of the hay or their specified representative and must be represented accurately.

If pictures are used, and it is recommended they be used, they should be actual pictures of the hay being advertised. If it is found that pictures of hay being advertised are not actual pictures of the hay, the individual(s) advertising the hay will be charged a $50 penalty for misrepresentation and disallowed from advertising on the site in the future.

If a forage sample is provided (recommended), it should be representative of the hay being advertised. If the forage sample is found to be bogus or not representative of the actual hay being advertised, the individual(s) advertising the hay will be charged a $50 penalty and will be disallowed from advertising on the site in the future.

Payment must be received within 10 days of the listing being posted. If payment is not received in that time the listing will be deleted but payment will still be due with a $20 service charge for late payment. Send payment to: Alabama Farmers Federation, Attn: Hay and Forage Division, P.O. Box 11000, Montgomery, AL 36191.

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