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October 15, 2009   Email to Friend 

Darryal Ray
(334) 613-4187
October 15, 2009

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- "Don't Cap Our Future."

That's the message state and county Farm Bureaus, including the Alabama Farmers Federation, are being urged to send to federal lawmakers as they address climate change legislation that could hurt agriculture, consumers and the national economy.

"Don't Cap Our Future" is a national, grassroots campaign that urges farmers and ranchers to speak out against the restrictive climate legislation. Playing off the cap-and-trade climate change bills in the House and Senate, the American Farm Bureau Federation is encouraging members to participate in the campaign by signing their name to an item very common in farm country -- the farm cap. By signing a new "farm cap," including a message sticker that reads, "Don't Cap Our Future" and hand-delivering the item to one of the state offices of their U.S. senators, farmers and ranchers can send an effective message against climate change legislation.

As with any traditional grassroots effort, the AFBF is also encouraging its members to call, send letters and e-mails to their senators, as well as sign online letters and petitions that voice their opposition to the climate legislation.

"Grassroots action is the backbone of Farm Bureau," said American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman. "I am personally asking members to sign a new farm cap on its bill and include the message: 'Don't Cap Our Future.'"

Stallman said Farm Bureau members should specifically hand-deliver farm caps to their U.S. senators, but many state Farm Bureaus also are expected to organize special cap-presentation events.

According to AFBF, cap-and-trade legislation would impose higher energy and food costs on consumers, raise fuel, fertilizer and energy costs for farmers and ranchers, and shrink the American agricultural sector, resulting in reduced U.S. food production. "The consequences of climate legislation far outweigh the benefits and aren't worth capping America's future," Stallman said.

To learn more or take action and sign the petition, visit www.FBActInsider.org.

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