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August 17, 2010   Email to Friend 

By Melissa Martin
(334) 613-4187
August 17, 2010

MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- A lifetime of memories can go up in smoke if a fire or some similar catastrophe were to strike your home, but a new Alabama Farmers Federation membership benefit can help keep those memories and family treasures safe for generations to come.

Through a partnership with Total Image & Inventory Preservation Solutions LLC, Federation members can have peace of mind in knowing that everything from old photos and home videos to family heirlooms and important documents will always be safe from fires, storms or whatever calamity may arise.

It's a dual benefit, one that allows members to store, print, share and replace old paper photos, slides, films and videos within minutes through a service called The Image Safe. Plus, members will receive access to The Inventory Safe, another program that helps preserve, protect, inventory and appraise personal tangible property.

The Image Safe preservation services will be offered on a regularly scheduled basis throughout the year at several county Federation offices. Members will receive notices in the mail before each program with locations and dates for the service and information about how to prepare items for preservation. On-site complimentary storage boxes will also be available.

To help initiate users into the program, the first 100 scans of paper photos, negatives or slides are free, with special introductory pricing for film and videos.

As part of the benefits package, each member will receive The Image Safe program free; a personal, secured Web site; low-cost scanning prices after the free trial expires; a 25 percent discount for all TiiPS services; and access to unlimited storage on the site for as long as they retain Federation membership.

As a bonus for Alfa customers, all files on TiiPS.com will be reprinted at no cost with a valid Alfa homeowners insurance claim. Access to personal TiiPS.com sites can be shared at the member's discretion.

Once photos are scanned and converted to digital files, TiiPS will automatically restore the original contrast and color at no additional cost. Additional restoration and reconstruction services for damaged photos will be available at special rates.

TiiPS.com members, including those who have access to personal sites, will be able to add captions under each photo, creating a virtual scrapbook for all viewers. Files can also be converted into a wide range of low-priced books and other gift items through the Image Safe Affiliates Program.

"Members can bring their photos to a nearby county Federation office to be scanned," explained Henry Mummaw, TiiPS' co-founder and president. "Members will receive DVDs, digitally preserving all of their memories, and all of their scans will be uploaded to their password-protected Web site for safekeeping, free of charge."

The Inventory Safe program's detailed inventory of property can prove invaluable whenever a homeowner experiences a loss. Inventory Safe members have access to software developed exclusively for TiiPS by Asset Verification, Inc. (AVI), the nation's leading inventory and valuation firm. A complimentary DVD of The Inventory Safe software will be provided for each member participating in The Image Safe program. The Inventory Safe program records property description information; simplifies estate planning, asset management and insurance decisions; and often increases claim payments in the event of a loss.

Even if a member's own computer crashes, taking all the inventory information with it, Mummaw says their information remains secure. "A secure portion of the TiiPS.com Web site will still have the inventory and values of tangible personal and real property," said Mummaw.

In addition to the home inventory software, The Inventory Safe provides affordable valuation tools that allow members to know the current replacement value of their homes (Schedule A on your policy); the aggregate value of the personal property contents inventoried (Schedule C on your policy); and certified appraisals of individual high-value items better covered by special endorsement policies.

For more information, contact TiiPS toll free at 1-888-350-1876, or visit TiiPS.com.

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