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Trade 'n Post Terms and Conditions

Following are the guidelines for advertising on the Alabama Farmers Federation's Trade N Post. Adherence to these rules will ensure quick processing of ads. Ads that do not meet the following guidelines will be deleted.

  1. Ads may be submitted ONLY by members of the Alabama Farmers Federation.

  2. Ads will only be accepted through the www.alfafarmers.org website. We will not accept ads that are submitted by phone, fax or mail.

  3. Ads must be limited to 50 words. This does not include name, address or phone number.

  4. Ads must include the name and phone number of the seller.

  5. Ads appear on the Trade N Post free of charge.

  6. Ads will not be accepted from dealers, merchants or commercial establishments.

  7. Ads will stay on the Trade N Post for 30 days.

  8. Land advertised must be minimum of 10 acres or more. Ads will not be accepted from dealers or persons selling land on a commission basis. Information on housing should be limited. Ads should reflect descriptions of the land/farm.

  9. Instructional material cannot be advertised on the Trade N Post.

  10. Ads for household, nursing or companionship will not be accepted.

  11. Prices must be included with all items offered for sale. Price ranges may be used in certain ads; for example, due to age, weight, etc. cattle can be advertised as $1,200-$1,500.

While the Alabama Farmers Federation does not assume responsibility for transactions resulting from the use of this publication, all means of preventing fraud will be exercised. Misrepresentation will result in the revocation of all privileges.

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